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Walking with Mary through my fears… right to the CWBN Conference!

I’ve been looking at this list of women all weekend long.  I am giddy at the thought of having actually met these wonderful ladies in person, while simultaneously in disbelief: how is my name on this list as an attendee of the Catholic Women's Blogging Network California Conference ?  How was I able to attend? I don't even remember how I heard about this conference in the first place (alt hough not remembering could very well be due to my sleep deprived “mom brain”). At one point I thought it was a fluke that I heard about and signed up for this lovely weekend but now I know with certainty that it was God. Before I talk about the conference, let me tell you a little back story (because I enjoy talking too much and  am incapable of telling the short version of any story). I’ve been on a quite a journey of spiritual growth this past year (at least I hope I’m growing!). It all started when a dear friend and mentor invited me to read Fr. Michael Gaitley’s book, 33

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