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“Are ALL of those kids yours?” 

The most popular question I am asked. I hope I’ve gotten better and more witty about answering it over the years. Bottom line: I’m married. I have lots of kids. I’m Catholic. And I love being a wife and mother and homemaker and my faith (just going to state the controversial stuff up front. 🤣). If you don’t like or are not interested in those things then this space is going to be pretty boring or possibly agitating to you. 

I created this blog back in 2014, with the hopes of giving a “Day in the Life” peek into our then, family of 6. But it turns out I am terrible at the upkeep of a blog (much like my failure to maintain my hairstyle). I have cycled through periods of writing, discernment whether I am supposed to be writing, wondering what should I write about and then being too busy to write because life. I have had three more babies since starting this blog! All that resulted in me abandoning this tiny corner of the internet.  Yes, I am an over thinker as well as a procrastinator. 

In a nutshell, I married my high school sweetheart (the first and only boy I ever dated) at the baby age of 21 (seriously, so young by today’s standards). I am a cradle Catholic and my husband is a Catholic convert. He’s the calm and I’m the crazy. Over the years we have grown in love for our faith and our desire to live it with more intention and passion. I can’t possibly say enough wonderful things about the Mister, but I will spare you the sappy part of this message.

When we were newly engaged and talking about starting our future family someday, the conversation went something like this:

“How many kids do you think we should have?”
“I don’t know... two? Nah, that feels too small.”
“Four? Can we handle four?”
“Meh... how about we have at least three and see how it goes?”

And here we are 7 kids later… despite me being diagnosed with PCOS as a teen, infertility and told I would likely never get pregnant. What an underserved gift it is to be entrusted these precious souls. Their existence is a miracle and God choosing me to be their mother is a daily reminder of His overwhelming goodness. 

Our lives change with every new baby we welcome into our family. However, our lives transformed in unexpected ways with the birth of our 6th child. One spunky and adorable boy completely stole our hearts with his extra chromosome. He is everything we never knew that our family needed, and sometimes I still can’t believe he gets to be ours. He is pure love and joy, straight from the source— God’s very heart. We truly are one of #TheLuckyFew to be his parents and be a part of the amazing, fierce-loving, Down syndrome community.

My hope is for this space to be a place where I can share about many things: faith, family, parenting (and being a special needs parent), the hilarious things our kids say (or the ridiculous things they do), what it’s like for 9 people to live together, and adventures in homeschooling and traveling in our motor. 

In all things may we keep running to Jesus, and cooperating with His grace.

Thank you for being here. 

Love + blessings,



  1. Hi Amber, your right, I am chuckling right now! It seems just a short time ago we were randomly placed side by side at a dinner table at Mary's Wedding. You were expecting with your first...If I remember right, we laughed thru the evening. Trudy

  2. Hey girl we have known each other for a long time and this blog is so you! Love it

    Michelle Rivera


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