Saturday, July 26, 2014

About Me

I don't want the name of my blog to trick you into thinking that I am a biased person. I'm not. 

In addition to the laundry: 

Dishes are never done. 
Beds are never made. 
Toys are never picked up
Shoes are never put away (like ever). 
And if the kids are playing in the backyard, they are never fully dressed.

I am an ethnically confused Catholic girl who was adopted from Ensenada as a baby by my two Italian parents. They are loud, passionate, Iove to sit around a table and have a good meal- specifically Italian food, and they talk with their hands a lot. So therefore I am loud, passionate, also love to eat Italian food and... don't even get my husband started on how much I talk with my hands. My mother and I are down right dangerous if holding a utensil while we talk. I like to think of myself as "Italian by association." 
I've been married to my high school sweetheart for over ten years and we have four adorable kids all under the age of 6. On any given day it looks like someone came through out house with a leaf blower to shake things up just for fun. I’m a terrible cook (which proves that I'm not Italian) but thank you, Jesus, that my husband is or else our family would have to endure a lot of bad food. What I lack in cooking I  make up for also lack in laundry folding. I'm particularly skilled at ignoring our clean laundry piles (which get mixed up with the dirty piles and then I have to wash everything over again) . I'm so good at avoiding our laundry that I should get paid for this level of excellence and commitment to underachievement. It's a full-time job.

My days are filled with caring for/chasing after our growing brood. Our kids have special way of keeping me busy, laughing and completely exhausted. They bring the biggest smile to my face and immeasurable joy to my heart. They have their father's wit which means that this house is never short on laughter or sarcasm. I'm already out-smarted more often then I care to admit (embarrassing, I know). I'll just have to swallow my pride because sharing my parenting fails and the funny things they say and do is something that I deeply enjoy. 

Sometimes all you need in order to make it through your day is a good laugh at someone else’s parenting expense. Like the time when I found our 2 and 4-year-old boys at the kitchen table... filling their empty bowls to the brim with syrup and then drinking it.
Stories like that.

See… you just LOL’d and now you feel better, don’t you? ;)

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