About Me

I don't want the name of my blog to trick you… 

In addition to the laundry: 

Dishes are usually on the counter. 
(17 cups. No one warned me about the ridiculous cup situation before becoming a parent). 
Toys are everywhere
Shoes are never put away (like ever). 

And toddlers run around half dressed... I’ve learned to pick my battles, ya know? 
I've been married to my high school sweetheart for  20  years. We love our Catholic faith, family, friends and sharing a good meal together. Despite having PCOS and being told we would likely not have children, we have 7 beautiful gifts from God, ranging from 15 down to age 1. We are also special needs parents of the most adorable and spunky little boy who rocks an extra chromosome. Down syndrome has and continues to transform our family for the better. Life is full— of laughter, love, messes, tantrums, coffee, and prayers, lots of prayers . 

We also homeschool (which is something I truly never thought I’d do but here we are 4 years later). Every year I’m like, “This is the year we’re going to find our groove,” and each year I’m humbled when big family life doesn’t always fit neatly into the schedule I write out for us in August. There are plenty of opportunities to surrender to Jesus.

I’m a recovering avoider of cooking and laundry procrastinator. God gently and generously shows me each day how those two tasks, and homemaking in general beautifully represent the spiritual life. As a naturally creative and disorganized person who needs structure to thrive but is terrible at implementing said structure, family life and homeschooling provide lots of opportunities for growth. 


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