Semi-Wordless Wednesday {Summer Shenanigans Edition}

I was going to stick to a wordless post but I'm feeling a bit chatty this morning.
Here's our summer (okay, technically it's end of spring and summer) happenings so far...


The month dedicated to Our Lady

The crowning of Mary at church. 

Mother's Day Tea at school- Each kiddo made their mom a princess hat.

Mother's Day morning. Sick baby and sick mama. But the snuggles were perfection...


That one time (I believe it was the first day of summer vacation) 
when I rolled over to awake from a lovely slumber and saw this next to me. 
Nice one, kids. Didn't scare the day lights of me at. all.

We went to see Matt Maher in concert (our favorite)!!!

Little Miss only made it about half way through the concert...

Father's Day with my love.
 They have my heart and seriously... aren't they the cutest?!

Our littlest man got tubes last week and he was a total champ! 
He also, ahem, flirted with every nurse that walked by him. Sigh.

Post surgery: 
Blankey, check.
Thumb, check.
Favorite turkey, double check.

Morning family walks. By the way, that is our THREE year old on his bike. 
He rode 3.5 miles without making a single complaint while his two older siblings 
RODE IN THE BIKE TRAILER! (I'd be embarrassed if I were them). 
The Mister told them they had to get out and walk. 

Evidence of said walking/running.

Summertime and 108º-110º weather means eating ice cream while IN the pool!

Until next week,