Hello, FitBit... Meet, My Laundry Piles {FitBit humor, why we chose one and why you might want one too}

The Mister and I broke down and bought ourselves FitBits! Now that I need steps maybe my housework, namely the laundry, will finally be done on a consistent basis! (nevah!)

Why we chose a FitBit (if you're anything like us, you might want one too): 
  • Because we need to move more
  • Because we're a bit lazy and need to be held accountable
  • Because we're busy/tired parents and holding us accountable to said moving more is rather difficult
  • Because we like techie things
  • Because we especially like techie things with cheesy positive reinforcement (how old are we?)
  • Because it came in my favorite color (that was a biggie, duh)
  • Because I need to move more, or else the only other way this "Over-30-and-had-four-babies-in-7-years" body has any hope of "burning" calories, is if someone sets me on fire 

Hellloooo sloooooow metabolism! Meet, FitBit. She's gonna whip you into shape! 

(Can you believe that someone took a picture of their dining room table without wiping it off first?!

Isn't she cute?! Yes, I am referring to my My FitBit as a girl because I'm a girl, I love hot pink and she is hot pink (don't pretend like you didn't know what color I was going to choose). I'm not one to name items but I have desire to name my FitBit. If you Google what people name the Aria scale (which is an accessory for the FitBit) you will find some hilarious names! I don't remember what we named the scale but my FitBit shall officially be called: "Fitney Spears!" While Ms. Spears has gone through her own stages of appearing to have an ahem, loose moral code, I think we can all agree that the women has maintained amazing abs over the years! Maybe a future post will be "How I adopted Britney Spears' exercise schedule." Said me, never. Baby steps, people. Baby steps. 
Okay, now that I've gotten waaaaaayyyy off topic...

Here are my thoughts after wearing FitBit (aka Fitney Spears) for a week:
  1. It is comfortable and I don't mind wearing it 
  2. It doesn't get in the way of my daily activities (doing housework, taking care of kids, running errands, typing on a laptop, etc.)
  3. I like the little "lights of progress" that move across the band as I meet my goals. Honestly, it is almost stupid how much more I move just to gain a dot of light 
  4. It's fun to find your friends on the FitBit App and cheer each other on
  5. You can set an alarm and it will wake you up. Seriously... who wants to reach ALL THE WAY ACROSS a nightstand when you don't have to?!  
  6. It has interchangeable wrist bands and more jewelry looking type bands. I'm an accessories girl all the way so versatility is very important to me 
I will let you in on a little secret that I discovered... you can take the sensor out of your wrist band and stick it in your bra, specifically, under one of your gals (TMI? Very sorry) and the sensor works fine, still tracking all your movement. I am sure the good people at FitBit are cringing as they read this (who are we kidding? They aren't reading my little ole' blog) and are going to write me and tell me that is NOT the correct way to use this product! And that they even provide a model that is meant for wearing under your clothes! What can I say? I am such a rebel! All I'm saying is that once in a while you might want to take your FitBit husband on a date but the band really clashes with your fancy outfit. And what if you didn't think ahead by purchasing one of the interchangeable Tory Burch bracelets for four thousand dollars so that it matches your ensemble? Okay I am being dramatic. They aren't that expensive. I guess it depends on what you consider expensive... they start around $200 and they're really cute! I may or may not be suggesting to the Mister that he should get one for me on a whim (or for my upcoming birthday). I'll keep you posted if I ever get one. *Spoiler alert: he's going to tell me what I am about to tell you... JUST STICK THE DANG SENSOR IN YOUR BRA for a few hours! No one will ever know. Except, now you all know where Fitney Spears is when you see me not wearing my band. Awkkkwaaaard.

My only two complaints: The clasp on the Flex model is hard to fastened (which is absurd because the design couldn't be more simple). The band doesn't always cooperate and sometimes I am stuck fiddling with it way longer than I care to which is slightly annoying. Had I chosen the next (cooler) model up like my husband did, I could have had a much better "wrist watch" style clasp. However, that model doesn't allow for the sensor to detach from the band, therefore I wouldn't be able to switch out the band for a cuter one (or stick it in my bra once in a while). Decisions, decisions...

Using the FitBit App on my phone has been a lot of fun. In hind sight, I've probably looked at it too much this past week. Thankfully I have calmed down a bit as the novelty of having my every move counted has worn off. The app syncs with your device and it can show you things like: how many steps you took, how well you slept, heart rate, exercise, etc. With the basic Flex model you have to tell it when you go to bed and wake up. With the next model up that band tracks that for you. I should have thought more carefully about that since I've only managed to tell FitBit about TWO nights of sleep. My "Weekly Progress" email from the App says, "Congratulations! You've burned a bunch of calories this week and you haven't slept at all!" Meh, who needs sleep anyway? 

You can also track your calories and water intake. The Mister and I have been much better about drinking enough water since tracking in the app (again, so simple it's ridiculous but yet effective). Speaking of water intake, our 5 year old son decided to add some creative flair to my husband's water bottle...

Overall, we're extremely happy with our purchases. We're moving more, our kids are moving more (because we are making them), we're eating a lot better (so important!) and feeling good! I can truly feel the affects of making better choices and living a healthier life style. Stay tuned for a follow up post next week when our FitBit's magically make our bodies looks like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's, overnight... ha! 

I'll end on this note: Our daughter said to me last night, "You know how you wear that thingie on your wrist that tells you if you exercised enough? Well, I don't think kids will ever have to wear one because we move a lot because we are crazy and hyper and like to play. I bet if you just be hyper all the time like us then your band will tell you that you exercised enough."

7 year old genius. 

Be crazy. Be hyper. Play more! ;)

(If you'd like to be FitBit friends so we can help to cheer each other on, you can find me at: https://www.fitbit.com/user/3J5V7N)


  1. I have never heard of these. I am getting a proper education now. At work last year they gave out pedometers and held contests to encourage people to move. I always joked that the only way I would get enough steps was if I strapped it to my cat. I love your sense of humor.

  2. love it! Thanks for sharing. I think I would love one of these--perhaps Christmas....?!!

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