Christmas recap... a month late!

Oh hey there! No, I am not dead but I sure do feel that way given my lack of communication. I feel like I haven't been able to sit down and write anything this past month. Oh wait... I haven't! I love the holidays but it is such a ridiculously busy time of year for everyone! I wanted to take a moment and recap what happened during the month of December (because I'm a slacker and like to do recaps almost a month late!). 

1. December started off awesome! We hosted our first St. Nicholas Party with our friends and 20 little kiddos! To say that the house was filled with excitement, laughter and noise would be a big understatement. Those little darlings were so excited to open their gifts and to look out the window and see "St. Nicholas" putting treats in their shoes on the porch. Nothing beats the expressions on children's faces during the Christmas season. It was a great evening and I'm really looking forward to this year's St. Nicholas celebration. 

2. I won a contest! I never win contests! Okay fine, I didn't actually win. The mister did. But since we are married and are one flesh it totally counts as my win too,  thankyouverymuch! Anyway, the husb' had the super high honor of winning the Ugly Sweater contest at our friends' Christmas Party. Scored a Red Robin gift card. SA-WEET! 

Aren't we cute?! 

3.  I managed to get the kids to smile for a picture in front of the tree AND I didn't even have to bribe them! Straight up Christmas miracle right there.

4. Then we attempted a family photo. This is as good as it got (though not too bad, actually) but it required a lot of bribing this time around...

One of said bribes is in Declan's hands (on the right). He is holding a slice of lemon. Yes, you read that right. Not a piece of candy but a slice of lemon. Kid screamed is head off because he didn't want to wear matching jammies or take a picture. We told him he could have WHATEVER he wanted if he would just get in the picture. He cried for the lemon on Grandma's tree. Ummm... okay?

5. We celebrated our daughter's 7th birthday! I'm still in shock over it. How can this child be growing up so quickly and beautifully before our eyes? It is wonderful and makes me sad as the same time. I'm determined to make our children's birthdays slow waaaay down. 

6. Every little kid seems obsessed with the movie Frozen these days, our kids included. Soooo... The Mister helped my parents turn their backyard into a Frozen Winter Wonderland for the kids on Christmas Eve. It was AWESOME!!!


7. For the first time ever, we braved Mass on Christmas Day. It was such a beautiful Mass that I could. NOT. Stop. Crying. 

"Mom? Can we climb up here with da baby Jesus?" Omg!!! No!!!

8. The Mister and I (and the baby) went on a mini vacation to the beach with my bestie. Talk about a fantastic couple of days. So. much. laughter. relaxation, margaritas and staying up way too late (along with a painful realization that I'm too old to stay up all night). Oye! 

9. We ended December and rang in the New Year with awesome friends. I required coffee in order to stay up until midnight because I'm no longer in my twenties. The children however, had no problem making it to the finish line, while continually asking, "I don't get it. What's the 'New Year' again?  Why are we having a party? Are we celebrating some one's birthday?"

Good times! Happy New Year, everyone! And please forgive me if people are no longer saying that because it's almost February.