Fall: pumpkins & footed pajamas

Fall is FINALLY here (okay, it's been here a while I am just finally getting around to writing about it) and our family couldn't be happier! We are kind of big whiny babies when it comes to the heat. You'd think we would be used to the warmer temperatures since my husband and I have lived in sunny California all our lives. We were used to it at one point. And then we moved to Oregon for five years and became spoiled by the gorgeous weather. 

Our two eldest kiddos were born in Oregon and I swear their bodies know it. Not only do both of them love cold weather but they also act like they are slowly being tortured when it's hot or even warm (I'm talking like 75º-80º... for reals). Natalie and Conner are always the ones to run upstairs and put on their fleece footed zip up jammies (or whatever you call them) at the slightest sign of "cooler" weather.  When you're used to 100º+ days during summer cooler can mean 95º. Breezy evening in July? Yup, our kids will beg for their zip up jammies and squeal with delight thinking that winter is almost here! Nothing, and I mean nothing thrills them more when it's "footed pajama season." They will spend all day in them if they have their way. Not to worry... I make them change when we leave the house. 

Here's a recent (get out of the house/our pajamas) trip to the pumpkin patch before Halloween. And by "before" I truly mean the DAY before (because the Mister and I suck at time management and planning activities). Poor kids... two years in a row that we have run out of time, went to the pumpkin patch late and failed to carve any pumpkins. They are never going to let us forget this.

But hey, at least I got some cute pictures and A LOT of pumpkins. Since it was the day before Halloween the patch ran a special for all the parents who procrastinated beyond the point of embarrassment: $5/any size pumpkin you cut off the vine or $20/wheelbarrow. 
Umm, this was a no brainer

My attempt to get them all to smile at the same time. Yeah right...

I mean really... who doesn't want 24 pumpkins?! 

Happy Fall!