Friday, August 8, 2014

Funniest Kid Quotes of the Week

Got a few really good laughs this week from my crazy kiddos. The last one got me good. You'll see why...

While playing a game of "I Spy"...

Natalie, our 6 year old
"Okay, I'll start. I spy something pink..."

Declan, our ahem, very  spirited 2 year old
"No! It MY TURWWN! I spy POOP!!!"


While the boys were in the bathroom together (because they really like doing that. Major sibling bonding happens in the there)...

 Conner [the helpful big 4 year old]
"Good job, Declan! You doing pee pee in your potty while I'm going pee pee in the big toilet!"
Declan [feeling rather curious]
 "Lemme see in da toilet. Oh dats A LOT of pee! Let me touch it!"
Conner [confused]
"What?! You wanna touch my pee in da water?!"
Declan [in hysterics]
Conner [a little grossed out, but also curious]
"Ummm, I don't think we supposed to do dat.  I not shore (sure) if... ummm... Lemme ask mommy. You stay wwwright here. I be wwwright back..."
[Declan remains silent while Conner runs out to the family room, without any pants or underwear on] 
 "Uh, mommy... Declan say he wanna touch my be in da toilet! Sooooo do I let him touch it? Is that gonna help him go potty in da toilet like a big boy or something?"


Conner [while sitting at the breakfast table]
"Okay, tell me one more time... Did I come out of you tummy or you vvvvwwagina when I was born? 
"My tummy. You were born by c-section. Do you remember me explaining to you what that is?"

 "Yes, dats where da dowctor make a hole in you tummy and pull me out. How big is da hole? Is it little or big? Is it as big as you vvvvwwagina?"

If I recall correctly, I peed my pants a little when he said this... you know, because I lack bladder control after having all these babies... ;)

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