Saturday, July 19, 2014

What to do when your kid doesn't remember to flush the toilet...

I know those kids are out there and we have one... a child who has a bad (and super gross) habit of not flushing the toilet after they go to the bathroom. Even after constant reminding, nothing was changing and today I got fed up. So my thought was, if this child keeps making the toilet dirty then THEY GET TO CLEAN IT!

I got out the gloves and cleaning supplies and taught our kiddo how to give the toilet a good scrubbing. And when we were done upstairs we moved onto the next two bathrooms (all done under my complete supervision and with some help of course). 

If I may say so, the kid did an awesome job and was very proud. I was a little bit surprised actually. I wasn't sure how this idea would go and by default I anticipated the worst outcome (i.e. toilet water splashing all over the place... possibly in our faces). Thankfully, toilet cleaning 101 was a complete success!

I ended the task with saying "Look at what a fantastic job you did cleaning the toilets! I'm sure from now on you'll do a great job remembering to flush, especially after all your hard work." 

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