Summer happenings

I don't know about all of you but I cannot WAIT for the school year to start back up again! That probably sounds like I can't wait to pawn (half) of our kids off to their teachers (which is slightly true) I am  looking forward too going a little less bananas those days when errbody in da house actin' Vegas cray cray... but that's not what I'm talking about.

I'm looking forward to getting back into a routine! Where I can remember to wake up on time (because I'm forced to or else no one will get to school on time), where I remember to brush my teeth every single morning (don't panic, I brush everyday because ummm that'd be disgusting! I just don't always remember to do it first thing in the morning), where I remember to make the kids get dressed and keep their clothes on- all children usually run around half to mostly naked during summer. See... 

I'm working with them on this. Declan would prefer to be naked for every occasion. Surprisingly I don't have a picture of our daughter half naked so at least I'm getting though to one of them. 

I'd also love to be able to remember everyone's daily medicine schedule (inhalers, vitamins, etc.) once again, feed them lunch and dinner on time like we used to, put them to bed on time, know what time it is during the day, know what day of the week it is, heck or even know what month it is! I love being married to a teacher and LOVE having all of us home together but summer is KILLING ME!!! 

For example, the other day the mister was gone hiking so I decided to take the kids to dinner because I'm a super nice lazy mom. Got all four kids buckled into their car seats, arrived at our destination and just as I was patting myself on the back that everyone had their shoes the two year old announced, "I NO HAVE NO PANTS ON!!!"  He's kidding. He has to be. I mean what mother who buckled her child into the car seat HERSELF would not catch that said child wasn't wearing pants? Me, that's who! Bless his little soul. The boy was wearing undies, his shark shirt, blue Crocs and NO PANTS.

So it quickly turned into a drive-thru kind of night. 

Absent-minded much? Geez!

Natalie said, "Mom, I don't even know how you missed that."
Zip it, kid.

Just the day before I had another lovely "mother of the year" moment. I was changing the baby. I took off his diaper, cleaned him all up and got him dressed back into his clothes. Just one teensy (soon-to-be-wet) problem... I forgot to put a clean diaper back on him. Glad I caught that one right away. 

Another problem I keep having: I lose either my keys or my glasses (or sometimes both) pretty much every single day, sometimes multiple times a day. 

I'm certain that I need more sleep! I'm blaming this ridiculous lack of brain function on my husband because he likes to stay up late and have us watch movies together (okay fine I like it too) and 2 of 4 kids. Our poor Matthew is teething and Declan keeps sleep walking. He's been getting up 2-4 times a night for the past few months and often times he ends up in bed with us because the three of us sleep SO well together it's easier to keep him in bed that way.  I didn't even know a two year old can sleep walk. Anybody else have a sleep-walking toddler? What do you do? Help! The other night he was walking down the hall running into the closets. Crazy kid. I really hope he outgrows this soon. 

Oh, did I mention our entire family has been sick for the better part of two weeks?! Ugh!

I need more shut eye!

At least one of us is resting...

(This was one of the many times where the sleep walking resulted in us just putting him in bed with us). I had about 3 inches of bed to sleep on. But he sure is cute. :)