I know, I know... Sorry that I've been missing for a while...

The truth is that I couldn't hang. The last few months of the school year were SO busy and I couldn't juggle all of our commitments AND blogging at the same time. I tried, I honestly did, but I would either sit down at the computer to write and then fall asleep at the desk (not kidding) or sit down on the couch to write a quick post on my phone, and then fall asleep. Bottom line, I have been falling asleep A LOT in the evening, earlier than I care too. I feel sorry for my husband. We usually put the kids to bed and then have our alone/"let's pretend we're on a real date" time. But nope, this tired mama has been out cold, sprawled out on the couch and snoring within a few minutes (it isn't pretty). My "nap" usually ends with me snapping up to a sitting position after hearing a loud noise, looking (and acting) like a hung over banshee, wondering how long I had been asleep and if it's morning time. This happens every. single. night. Ridiculous.

Anyway, most of our end of the school year commitments are over and I finally feel like life has slowed down. We are enjoying relaxing days filled mostly with swimming (that's all the kids want to do), eating and napping (my personal favorite). When the kids aren't doing those things they are usually going back and forth between playing really well together and driving each other bananas. I'm truly looking forward to Vacation Bible School next week! What? Don't judge. You know you're thinking the same thing. Summer vacation is fantastic and can also drive parents insane! The other day the kids were over-tired, which was our fault because we let them stay up too late. They were the "Scarlet O'Hara" dramatic whiny about absolutely everything. I finally got fed up and needed a break. I went into the other room to be by myself and decompress. I may as well have worn a sign on my back that begged "PLEASE FOLLOW ME EVERYWHERE!" The two fastest ways to get our kids to stalk my every move is to attempt to go to the bathroom by myself (with the door closed) or to try and have "alone time." Seriously... they acted as if I just announced my plans to move out of the house forever and that they'd never be fed again (which is totally absurd because we all know that my husband is the cook in this house. If anything we should all panic if he ever decides he needs "alone time." Then we'll be stuck eating, for every meal, the only things I'm good at cooking: certain breakfast foods, spaghetti, beef stroganoff or sandwiches). 

I'm sorry, what was my point? I got distracted by the thought of those foods because I haven't eaten breakfast yet and my stomach is growling. Ah yes, "alone time"... So While my darlings were following my every move, I finally turned to them and calmly said, "I need some  alone time to right now, please. You may go play upstairs, color or read a book but I need a few minutes to myself." Natalie looked up at me and laughed. I asked her why she was laugh and she replied, "Pffffttt... You don't get alone time! You're MOM. Moms never have alone time." 

Touché kid, touché... 

I need to do a better job of getting out of the house more by myself, to prove a point to our children (and to myself) that I do have time without them, which is healthy, normal and very necessary.

Dangit, I'm out of coffee.
And the kids want breakfast.
I should probably go eat something too, before "hanger" kicks in...