Problem solved.

I love to watch kids solve a problem. They are so interesting to observe and when given ample time to think, they can come up with some pretty creative solutions. 

This afternoon we were running a little behind and I needed to get the kids dressed and out the door and oh yeah, I first needed to nurse the baby. I sat down to nurse the wee one and asked our 6 year old if she'd help get her brother (2) dressed. She happily agreed and of course that was her brother's cue to go running down the hall to hide in his bedroom. She followed him. Then she put her coercing skills to the test...

"Do you want sissy to help you get dressed?"


"Come lie down bubba and I'll help you."


"Do you want me to tickle you? I'll tickle you if you don't come here."


"Ohhhhh... Do you want a cupcake?!"

[he thinks about it]

"I'll give you a cupcake if you come lie down! Do you want a cupcake?"


Done. He ran right over to her and she helped him put in his clothes. Mission accomplished. I finished nursing the baby and came out of the room. 

"Did you just bribe your brother with a cupcake?!"


"But you don't have a cupcake."

"Yeah, I know but he doesn't know that and I needed him to lay down."

Well played little girl, well played...