4 ways you can tell if your toddler was secretly awake at 5am {in pictures, for your convenience}

The signs:

1. The abandoned favorite "blankey" (which is usually always near the scene of the crime). This is the biggest indicator that shenanigans could be is taking place. Today's "scene of the crime" was on the floor right next to our bed- the place where he dropped his blanket at 5am to climb in bed with us, soaked in urine because his diaper leaked.

(Got up, changed him and put him back in bed. Went back to bed myself (because this mama does not get up before the sun does). 
Got up hour later to check on him and found...

2. The empty bed.
5:30am and our 2 year old isn't in his bed, our bed, the family room or the in kitchen (which is where I expected to see him, raiding the pantry for cereal). Nope, he was upstairs in the play area playing with toys in "stealth mode." I was so pleased he managed not to wake up his other siblings that I began mentally patting myself on the back for a job well done. Somehow I trained our 2 year old to not get into mischief if he's up early by himself. Go me [fist pump]! Then I walked past the computer...

3. So. many. opened. windows.
Complete with an "error message" of course. So I guess I now know the real reason why it was so quiet. 

And the last sign that your toddler was up way too early... 

4. The "just fall over in whatever spot you are in (I swear I'm not drunk) pass out."
I have a feeling he's not going to move for a while.