Oh no she didn't!

Brace yourselves for MAJOR drama on the playground…  
Her: [very serious voice]: “Mom, my friend lied to me. She lied to me! Actually she lied to me twice!”
Me: “I’m so sorry to hear that. Why do you think she lied to you?”
Her: “Because she said she caught a leprechaun in her leprechaun trap. But she didn’t catch a leprechaun. I know this because she told me the leprechaun  was taller than me and everyone knows leprechauns aren’t tall! See… She lied. Twice! She L I E D!”
Me: “Okay, honey, she didn’t really lie. She’s participating in fantasy. She’s pretending. Remember, we talked about this? You can’t catch a Leprechaun because they aren’t real.
[Her giving me a "Shut the the front door!" expression]
Many people like to participate in the fantasy and it’s okay to pretend. But like we’ve talked about before, St. Patrick’s Day is about St. Patrick. He brought Christianity to Ireland.”
Her: “Ok… [thinking]… Well, my friend still lied to me.”
Me: “About what?”
Her: “She told me she was losing her voice and she didn’t.”
Me: “Maybe she did. Maybe she got sick and started to lose her…”
[she cuts me off]
Her: “Umm no! She didn’t. She told me she lost her voice the same way as Ariel. Ya know… The witch took her voice and it’s never coming back. And you know what? You know how I know she’s lying? Because she’s STILL TALKING”